There is always a need for enormous investments and a resource-intensive level of effort when it comes to developing new products and methods, brand names, content, etc. As a result, the individuals or entities who create them must have exclusive rights to their creation. This uniqueness is made possible by intellectual property systems and laws.

It is possible to register a trademark on a company's name and logo if they meet the requirements of the relevant Trademark Class. A trademark can fall into one of 45 different categories. To determine one's place in society, one must first classify one's goods or services.

Types of Trademarks

Words and service marks

Logos and symbols(device)

Shape marks

Collective marks

Series marks

The Certification mark


Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademarks provide their owners with a measure of legal protection, and once registered, their owners can sue anyone who infringes on their trademark. Because any potential trademark creator will find your trademark in the Trademark Database/Trademark Registry during the research phase of trademark creation, this safeguards your brand from Trademark Infringement even before it's created.

A trademark helps customers identify with a company's goods and services, which can lead to increased sales and brand awareness. Successful and high-quality products are key to attracting customers. The trademark registration is effective for a period of 10 years and serves to safeguard the company's earnings during that time.

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